Monday, June 3, 2013

On Standby

As I am reentering the world of blogging, I realize that it has been a long time between posts. Feeling a little regret over not really keeping up with this blogging thing makes me reflect over the last few years. I have had a few things going on that took my focus away from blogging. At this point I am in between adventures, which lends to having time to blog.

For the last three years I have had both of my boys at home for school. Were we homeschooling? Not really, but yes. We were using an online public school. The flexibility of homeschooling, but with all the curriculum and lessons planned for us. Our choice to bring the boys home in grades 3 and 6 were due to my oldest, Noah, and his special needs. (He has a chemical imbalance that presents in various symptoms, and Sensory Processing Disorder) As he was entering into 6th grade his anxiety levels at school were at an all time high. So, we decided to bring him home for the year (which turned into 3 years) and see how he did. We decided it would be easier to have both boys home so we jumped into the online school world head first. However, learning what online school was all about, and teaching my boys was just part of what I had going on that took time from my blogging adventure.

At the time of deciding to bring the boys home for school I was in my third year of college. (Someone should have told me to get my degree when I was younger and had no responsibilities.) I had decided a few years prior to pursue a degree in Psychology due to the amount of research I had done regarding Noah's special needs. (The struggle I had as a mom was crazy and I felt so alone that I wanted to gain a counseling license to be in a position to help others like myself. But that story is another blog post.) God was growing a desire in my heart for other parents, and gaining my degree was just a step he placed in my path. I finished my degree in November 2011, and will be moving on to Grad school this fall.

One would think that my plate at this point was full, but I am a little crazier than the average person. I was also working in a part-time ministry position at my church. If you know anything about ministry then you know it is anything but "part-time." However, I was able to use my experience as a mom to teach parenting classes as part of my job. This was pursuing the passion God had placed in my heart to reach out to other parents. I have since stepped away from my ministry position due to my boys needing more of my time this last year of school. This was the first of the many changes that have taken place over the last couple of months.

Now, as I sit here thinking over all of the things that have consumed the last three years, I find myself in between adventures. My boys will both be entering back into the public school system. Noah as a Freshman (many prayers welcome here) and Michael as a 6th grader. Michael actually entered back into regular school this January, per his request. It was a difficult transition, but he has learned a lot about perseverance. The transition for Noah will be challenging as well. However, most of the reasons for bringing him home (anxiety, stress, unable to focus, the list goes on) are no longer present or he has gained tools to be able to handle them. (Praise Jesus, this is a space I never thought we would be. Again, yet another blog post.)

So, I am at a place of letting go...having time to blog...moving on to Grad school...transitioning myself from a completely hands on mom to a mom that is "On Standby."

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."